Losing Your Wallet

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Having your wallet lost or stolen can be a frustrating inconvenience. Although your cash and family photos can’t be replaced, you can follow these links to find information about replacing your missing documents.

Notify the Police

Contact the local police or RCMP and let them know what is missing.

Notify Financial Institutions and Credit Card Companies

Inform your financial institutions immediately of any missing credit cards, debit cards and/or cheques. If you are missing retail credit cards, notify the customer service or credit department of those retail companies as well. Find out your credit card company's liability policy. Learn about debit card fraud and the extent of your liability for unauthorized debit card use.

The Alberta government-in partnership with law enforcement agencies, consumer groups and the private sector-has developed a universal identity theft statement, which can be used by victims to notify most major creditors of what has happened

Replace Missing Government-Issued Identity Documents

Replace Other Missing Cards


Consider Changing your Locks
If your house and/or car keys are also missing, you may want to contact a locksmith to arrange to have your locks changed.
Photocopy your Replacement Documents
Once you have all your replacement documents, it's a good idea to photocopy them and keep them in a safe place. Having photocopies available will help in the replacement process should you lose any of your identification in the future.replacement process should you lose any of your identification in the future.